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Latest publication from Molleigh Preefer

Congradulations to Molleigh for her latest publication in the Journal of Phsyical Chemistry C. Her paper explores cathode particle damage at different stages of cycle life after fast charging NMC532 vs. graphite at fast charging rates (1C vs. 6C vs. 9C) and moderate voltage cutoff (4.1 V). Read more here.


Latest publication from Maha

Congratulations to Maha Yusuf on her latest publication on using neutron and X-ray tomography to examine graphite anodes after fast charging.


Welcome Neha

Welcome to Neha Sharma! She's joining the group as a postdoc who is jointly mentored by Johanna and Sharon Bone. Neha will be working on a project using X-ray characterization to understand the mechanisms behind nutrient recovery in wastewater. 


Welcome Erick, Thom, Bruno

Welcome to three new members of the group. Erick Espinosa Villatoro is a new postdoc in the group who will be working on realizing high capacity, long lasting Li-metal batteries and fast charging of Li-ion batteries through X-ray spectroscopic imaging. Thom Hersbach isn't new to SSRL but is new to the group. He'll be working on imaging and spectroscopy of PEM water electrolysis. Finally, Bruno Freitas is a visiting student from UNICAMP in Brazil.


Congratulations to our newly minted Dr. Natalie Geise!

Congraduations to Dr. Natalie Geise for her successful oral defense of her doctoral thesis titled "Quantifying Degradation in Lithium-metal and Lithium-ion Batteries" on September 15 and official graduating from Stanford's Department of Chemistry on November 28, 2021! She is actively searching for her next challenge. In the meantime, she's working as a postdoctoral scholar supporting users on the SSRL scattering beamlines.  



Two visiting students join the group

We welcomed two visiting graduate students to the group this month. André Navarro de Miranda comes to us from the University of Campinas (Unicamp) in San Paulo, Brazil. He'll be using SSRL's X-rays to continue his work studying electrocatalysts for rechargable Li-air batteries. Our second visiting student is Samuel Welborn who is coming to us from the University of Pennsylvania in Philly.


Yechuan joins the group

Yechuan (Leo) Chen has joined our group to work on X-ray tomography of multivalent batteries, shale, and anything else worth imaging. WELCOME!


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