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Mail-In Powder Diffraction Pilot Project

We are starting up a pilot program to enable mail-in powder diffraction data at SSRL.  The goal of this program is to provide users with access to high quality synchrotron powder diffraction data with the shortest possible turnaround time.  Currently, this is limited to non-hazardous samples which can be loaded into kapton capillaries with measurements performed at room temperature.  The anticipated time between submitting a proposal and obtaining data is between 2 and 4 weeks.

Beamline Introduction

There are 5 different beamlines in the materials science hard x-ray scattering program at SSRL.  These are numbered as BL1-5, BL2-1, BL7-2, BL10-2, and BL11-3.  Each beamline is best suited to a different experimental technique.  This article is meant as a short introduction to the different beamlines with more detailed articles specific to each beamline and technique to follow.