Lab Safety Toolkit


Welcome to the SLAC Laboratory Safety Toolkit.  The toolkit will provide guidance to better understand lab safety, general practices, and operations here at SLAC.

Your SLAC Safety Coordinator and Building Manager works in partnership with Principal Investigators (PIs), faculty, researchers, staff and students, to promote safe and healthful laboratory environments that will support the science and research mission.   Principal Investigators and laboratory supervisors oversee the health and safety of their laboratory personnel. They may delegate safety duties, but they must make sure all delegated safety duties are carried out.

Your personal laboratory safety depends mostly on YOU. Effort has been made to address situations that may pose a hazard in the lab but the information and instructions provided cannot be considered all-inclusive. Everyone must adhere to written and verbal safety instructions. Laboratories are full of potential hazards that can cause serious injury and or damage.

Safety training and/or information should be provided by a PI, supervisor, lab safety contact, ESH Coordinator or building manager at the beginning of a new assignment or when a new hazard is introduced into the workplace.

Communicate with others in the building when working alone or running an unattended operation in the lab. Let them know when you arrive and leave. Avoid working alone in the lab when performing high-risk operations.

Each lab has a sign posted outside the door.  The sign has contact information, entry requirements, what personal protective equipment (PPE) is required, and any important hazards to note.

Wear the appropriate protective gear and maintain laboratories and experimental areas in good working condition and free of clutter. 

Know the location and proper use of emergency equipment such as eye washes, safety showers, fire extinguishers and fire alarms.