Onboarding and Training

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General Information To Onboard

For work planning and control purposes, everyone performing work in a Science Directorate building or laboratory, must follow all the same procedures and protocols as a SLAC employee.

Once you have completed the SLAC Onboarding process, please complete the Science Check-In Form (see the "Forms" link below) to gain access to specific areas within the Science Directorate.  This Lab Access check-in form is required for employees who would like access to hazardous work areas and laboratories. If you need help completing this form, contact your POC or ESH Safety Coordinator.

It is important for new people to meet and know who their ESH Safety Coordinators are for their area and for the Safety Coordinators to know when new people are working in the area.

See the flow chart below which details the onboarding process: Note that both processes must be completed and signed off before you can perform work in the lab.

OnBoarding Flowchart

Download the flowchart.


For general information on the SLAC training system, refer to Getting Started Guide for Learners. If you are hired directly through a SLAC requisition, the Employee designation applies to you.
For all others, please use the Visiting User designation. This applies to students, postdocs, visiting scholars, etc. who are not on the SLAC roster.



Laboratory access will not be granted unless the required training courses are completed and verified by the ES&H Coordinator and Building Manager.
Go to the SLAC Training Site: Getting Started Guide for Learners.
Prior to working at SLAC certain key training courses needs to be completed. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their employess are assigned and complete all necessary coursework. Each employee at SLAC should have an STA (Statement of Training) with assigned courses that are applicable to them.
The Training Matrix by Lab is displayed below: