This Infrastructure & Safety Science Directorate website's goal is to help provide information and guidance for you at SLAC. If you are unable to find the answer(s) to your question(s) on this FAQs page or on our webpage, then please contact Nimmi Kovvali with your question(s) at kovvalin@slac.stanford.

1) How do I get a key to the building doors?

Complete a key request form (xlsx) Note -SLAC computer account needed to access form. Have the key request form approved by your supervisor and the Building Manager. Once signed, take it to the key office located on first floor in security office in Building 053-VUE Center. For additional information, please go to the SLAC Site Security Webpage

2) What are hours for the key office?

The key office is open between the hours of 1-3pm, Monday through Friday in Building 053-VUE Center.

3) I need to gain access to a building that has a card reader for early mornings and/or late evenings.

SLAC employee/users and Stanford affiliates have 24/7 access to all buildings with their valid SLAC badge. Contractors only have access from M-F from 6am to 6pm. If you do not have access then ask your Building Manager to send an email request to obtain before/after hours access to your building/lab.

4) Whom should I contact for building related issues?

Go to the "Active, Partially Active, Inactive" page on our website.  You can perform a search in the table to find the correct contact for your building.

5) I have questions for my ESH Safety Coordinator.

You may contact your Safety Coordinator by going to the "About Us" page and calling them or emailing them.

6) May I bring chemicals or samples from campus?

If you are planning to transport your chemicals or samples to SLAC from campus, strict adherence to Department of Transportation rules is required.  Small quantities of chemicals are allowed to be transported in your personal vehicle, check with your ESH Coordinator prior to transportation to SLAC.  If you intend on bringing radioactive samples to SLAC, prior approval from the SLAC Radiation Protection is required for any amount of radioactivity.  Your ESH Safety Coordinator can help with this. 

7) Are visitors allowed in labs?

A New Site Entry form should be completed for all visitors coming to SLAC regardless of how long they will be here on site. Visitors who have not completed the required training for lab and area access MUST be escorted at all times. 

This includes vendors who are onsite as part of new equipment purchases.  Vendors are not allowed to touch any SLAC utilities or interfaces to SLAC infrastructure.  All such work must be performed by the scientists who own the equipment or other qualified SLAC personnel.  Vendors can only perform work on the equipiment purchased from them.

8) What do I need to know before purchasing new equipment?

Evaluation of new/replacement equipment must be reviewed with your ESH Safety Coordinator/Building Manager prior to purchase/introduction to the lab.  They will work with you to ensure that  the correct mechanical/electrical precautions and safeguards are in place for the equipment.  Please contact your ESH Safety Coordinator and Building Manager in advance before you make or initiate the purchase. 

9) What training do I need to complete at SLAC?

Prior to working at SLAC certain key training courses needs to be completed. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their employess are assigned and complete all necessary coursework. Each employee at SLAC should have an STA (Statement of Training) with assigned courses that are applicable to them. Please go to the "Required Training" page on our website for more information. View/download the Training Matrix by Lab to see what you need to complete.

Other Building Questions:

1) May I use a personal heater?

Heaters are not allowed in newer LEED building. Please check with your building manager before use. When buying and using a portable, electric heater, purchase only heaters approved by a Nationally Rated Testing Laboratory, either Underwriter's Laboratory, ETL or CSA. The label must be attached to the unit.  NRTL-listed heaters have necessary safety controls, such as instant tip-over shutdown and temperature limit switches. For more information > http://today.slac.stanford.edu/a/2010/02-02.htm

2) How often does the custodial crew come to my building or office?

For your convenience, is a PDF of the custodial contract to reference, if you have specific questions. Custodial services contract (PDF)