Culture of Safety

SLAC and Stanford place a huge importance on the culture of safety when conducting experiments and when at the laboratories. Stanford’s Dean of Research Ann Arvin, and Dean of Engineering Persis Drell (now, Provost at Stanford), describe the importance and value of safety in academic research at Stanford University.

The Stanford University Committee on Health and Safety’s (UCHS) has a Task Force for Advancing the Culture of Laboratory Safety at Stanford University. The Task Force solicits information and input regarding laboratory safety culture elements from the various stakeholders and personnel involved in the academic research laboratory environment.

Carole Fried (SLAC ESH Deputy) and Nimmi Kovvali, are the SLAC representatives for the UCHS task force.  They welcome and solicit feedback from our community to help develop a positive culture of health and safety.

Contact Nimmi at for more information on the UCHS Task force.

Link to Stanford ESH - UCHS