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TJ Whitis at the test stand for the LZ experiment


The Environmental Safety & Health (ESH) and Infrastructure Safety team within the Science Directorate serves as the group of people who will help you with ESH concerns and questions.

We are Safety Coordinators who are the primary points of contact for all your ESH and building needs.  Feel free to reach out to us if you need anything at all.

We can help you navigate the many requirements that may exist at SLAC related to ESH and facilities support.  This team ensures that all work within the Science Directorate meets SLAC ESH as well as work planning and control requirements. Please contact us and we can help you get started with the items listed below:

  1. Questions about training that needs to be completed before gaining access to the SLAC site and lab areas.  
  2. How to get keys/card access to buildings and keys/card access to individual offices and labs.  
  3. Planning a new experiment or protocol or purchasing/bringing new equipment to a Science Directorate (SD) lab at SLAC. 
  4. Access to the chemical management system to order and check status of chemical orders.  

How To Contact Us:

You may contact a specific Safety Coordinator or you can send an email to the group by selecting the red "Send A Service Request" button on the top right hand side of every page on our website. Please be concise on the email "Subject" line and provide as much information as you can.

You will receive an auto reply email with an incident number. We will respond back to you as soon as we are able. Please use the auto reply email with the incident number for all email communications. With the incident number we will be able to accurately track all email communications and status of your question/request.

Link to Frequently Asked Questions: