Detector R&D

The DUNE experiment proposes a Far Detector comprising 40 kTons fiducial mass of Liquid Argon instrumented as a Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC). To date, the largest LArTPCs built have fiducial masses less than 1kTon. Scaling up the LArTPC technology is therefore a high priority for DUNE and the neutrino community.  Also, DUNE requires a "Near Detector" to measure the properties of its neutrino beam before it has a chance to oscillate. SLAC physicists are working on developing detector technology for both of these aspects of DUNE.

Left: CRYO ASCIC prototype received at SLAC in January 2019. Right: the test board on to which a CRYO ASIC has been wirebonded. It is currently undergoing bench testing at SLAC.

Left: multiple configurations of Kapton lamination for studying the performance in the electric potential uniformity and the total area of Kapton sheet. Middle-left: testing the resistivity in the cold environment (i.e. liquid argon bath). An optimal configuration found from these studies will be used for a prototype detector which will host actual TPC. Middle-right: Francois constructing the prototype module. Right: the first look at the assembled parts of a prototype module.