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We have rich research opportunities in both hardware and software projects. Contact anyone in the list below to discover opportunities for physics research at SLAC. 


Faculty and Staff


David MacFarlane
Hirohisa Tanaka
Mark Convery
W. Wisniewski
Tracy Usher
M. Convery Senior Staff 
W. Wisniewski Senior Staff 
     T. Usher     Staff


K. Terao
K.V. Tsang
Y.T. Tsai
G. Petrillo
     K. Terao     Staff
K.V. Tsang Associate
Y.T. Tsai Associate
G. Petrillo Associate


Technical Staff


K. Skarpass
N. Kurita
K. Skarpaas Engineer
N. Kurita Engineer


Postdocs and Students


F. Drielsma
R. Itay
L. Domine
D.H. Koh
F. Drielsma Postdoc
    R. Itay     Postdoc
L. Domine Graduate
D.H. Koh Graduate


P. Cote de Soux
Z. Hulcher
C. Nunez
Z. Hulcher Graduate
C. Nunez Undergraduate



Name Position at SLAC Current Position
Qing Lin Research Associate Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
Brandon Eberly Research Associate Assistant Professor, Davidson College
Noah Sailer SULI (Cornell) Graduate student, UC Berkeley
Jackson Weaver SULI (Harvard)  

Alexander Zlokapa

Summer Student (CalTech) Undergraduate, CalTech
Marti Vives Summer Student (princeton) Undergraduate, Princeton University
Alessandra Palazzo INFN Summer student  
Daniel Carber SULI (Iowa State) Graduate student, Colorado State
Adeela Malik Leadership (UT)  
Patin Inkaew Stanford Summer Resaarch