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International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment

Welcome to IWAA

The series of International Workshops on Accelerator Alignment (IWAA) are nominally held every two years at particle accelerator laboratories around the world. They are devoted to large scale and high precision positioning of particle accelerators and photon science experiments, focusing on the exchange of information between geodesists, surveyors, physicists and others specialists. The fields of geodesy, geomatics, metrology and traditional surveying overlap in this unique gathering.

Participants of IWAA generally come from laboratories, institutes, universities and companies around the world whose interests include particle physics, synchrotron light and medical or industrial applications. The workshops are usually focused on practical examples for aligning components including specialized techniques to increase positioning accuracies. Mathematical models used to refine raw observation data and the use of new equipment to generate this data is covered.


The next conference will be hosted by NSRRC Taiwan in the fall of 2020.