Support LGBTQ+ at SLAC
June 14, 2018

Diversity and inclusion is a top priority at SLAC. Deepening the culture of inclusivity will ensure that the richness of different backgrounds and perspectives join to create an environment of engagement and respect, as well as innovative thinking, decision-making and practices.

One of our Employee Resource Group (ERGs) is the LGBTQ+ ERG. This group is a voluntary, employee-led group serving as a resource for the lab. It is a collective voice for LGBTQ+ awareness, shared interests or concerns, and identifying obstacles and solutions to address them.  

Supporting the LGBTQ+ ERG are our executive sponsor Kelly Gaffney and ERG lead Ramon Lim. At SLAC, discrimination of any form is not tolerated and no employee should feel excluded or treated differently because of who they are. The group welcomes everyone who supports breaking down barriers that ostracize the LGBTQ+ community. This community includes individuals born LGBTQ+ and people who love and advocate for them.  

To join and be part of this community, please email Ramon at; you will be added to an anonymous listserv.

Over the next few weeks, several exciting initiatives will be planned, including a new website, social events, gender-neutral restrooms, and programs to train and remind staff that we work in a “safe space”.