LGBTQ+'s News and Announcements

Dear LGBTQ+ Community and Allies,

What has transpired over the last few weeks has been truly painful for all of us and has highlighted the need for us to do so much more to fight racism, discrimination, and hate.  George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and sadly, many others, are no longer alive, killed because they are Black. 

As June is once again upon us, a month to celebrate LGBTQ+ diversity and support, we must remember to join our fight for equality with that of our Black brothers, sisters, and queer family.  We owe our Pride roots to this queer Black and people of color community.  The start of Pride in June 1969 was a series of riots in response to police brutality that occurred during a raid at a New York city gay bar.  This Pride movement was led by Marsha Johnson, a Black trans woman, and Sylvia Rivera, a Latinx trans woman.    We recognize even more this year that there cannot be LGBTQ+ equality with racism and racial injustice.  Demonstrate your solidarity to our Black family in any way that you can as they fight for justice.  If you are not already aware, there is a virtual Campus Community Vigil for Black Lives at 5PM today (RSVP). Please join me and many others in our Stanford Community committed to equality.

The LGBTQ+ community and allies should stand with Black Lives Matter.


Please be safe.