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As the LGBTQ+ ERG at SLAC, we are always open to listening to all Lab employees that identify as members of LGBTQ+ community and provide a means to share your input, experiences, and aspirations in the workplace. We also welcome allies' perspectives, ideas, and initiatives. One way of reaching out is to connect with any of us directly. Another mechanism for sharing your thoughts and ideas through the ERG is to use the link below for an anonymous form that is linked from a SLAC Today article.




Form FAQs:


What is the motivation for this form?

Essentially, the ERG would like to listen to and understand the various experiences of working at SLAC for people that identify as LGBTQ+. Consider this form as an open forum to pose questions, share resources, show support or concern, and amplify your voice. For example, if you have ideas for initiatives that will help you feel safer and welcome at the Lab, or if you would like to express your desire for administrative or policy changes, this channel is available for you to communicate. If you are experiencing challenges in your working environment and do not know where to go, this is also a place for you. Conversely, we also want to hear about instances when you have felt embraced and welcome. Essentially, we are offering an alternative mechanism at your disposition to raise your voice safely as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, whatever it is that you need to say.

How can you voice yourself and others safely?

We offer various options for you to communicate with us, such as private communication, small-group listening sessions, and open forums, among others. We understand everyone’s situation is different so you can communicate completely anonymously if you’d like to, and you can choose how much you would like to share with us. 

What do we use this information for?

We can leverage our direct communication with the Lab management to represent and advocate for you, ensure that your voice is heard, and promote mutual respect among all Lab employees. This is what we intend to do with your continuous input:

  • All of your responses collectively help us map Lab-wide issues of equity and inclusion for our LGBTQ+ community

  • Using this broad perspective, we can formulate recommendations and action-item agendas for the Lab management

  • We will transparently communicate what actions will be taken and how they will be implemented