ERG Leadership

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Civic and social progress in LGBTQ+ equity is rooted in grassroots organizing and grassroots leadership. Our ERG leadership structure is guided by this foundation and manifests through a Council of leaders from all corners of SLAC. In alignment with our Mission Statement, we are interested in exploring how members of the SLAC community can use this form of leadership to establish a welcoming and inclusive culture for LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities. We believe this structure can enable and support advancing awareness and understanding of queer issues, advocate for LGBTQ+ Lab employees, and foster group identity and vibrant Lab community.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the council or joining us. There are other ways to get involved, like joining subcommittees for specific activiteis and initiatives. 

Current Council members (as of June, 2022):

Molly Glover, Communications (ally)

I’m on the Outreach & Events team in Communications, currently working remotely except for a few special projects. I’ve been at SLAC for just over 4 years, and I truly enjoy being part of this complex and brilliant community. Before SLAC, I worked in San Francisco at an event planning company for about 10 years. I grew up in Berkeley, CA, and I love the Bay Area and Northern California. Personal pronouns: she/her

Dimitri Khaghani, LCLS

I work as a Research Associate at LCLS. My role includes acting as a scientific point of contact for experiments at the Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) end-station. I also get opportunities to pursue my own research projects in x-ray spectroscopy, plasma physics and laser-matter interactions. I began working at SLAC in 2020. The pandemic was a challenge to embark on this new adventure from my hometown in France. Prior to SLAC, I lived in Germany for 6 years where I completed my PhD and post-doc at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research. Alongside my academic endeavors, I enjoy cooking, existing in the beautiful nature around us and passionate debates. Personal pronouns: he/him/his

Jeremy Mock, AD Engineering

I am an Accelerator Controls Engineer working at SLAC for about 5 years.  My husband and I have been together for 6 years, married for 4.  Together as a same-sex couple, we were able to navigate through the family based green card process as he became a permanent resident through our marriage.  So many people before us fought for our rights so the system could work for us, and I try to find ways to ensure that it will continue to work for future LGBTQ+ people. Personal pronouns: he/him

Kayla Ninh, LCLS

Hello, folks! As part of the LCLS directorate, I work as an Instrument Area Manager for RIX Hutch 2.2 and Laser Safety Systems Engineer. I've been at SLAC for 2 years with a background in electrical engineering and a particular passion community development. I spend my free time eating nice cheeses, obsessing over my dog & picking up way too many hobbies. Personal pronouns: she/they

Nikoo Samee, Human Resources

I've been working in HR as a Talent and Organizational Development Associate since January 2020. Along with supporting our training and development at SLAC, I also meet new employees and help orient them to the Lab. I rotate through many hobbies, but I will never get tired of baking, painting, and sleeping in. Personal pronouns: she/her

Greg Stewart, Graphic Designer, Communications

I'm a graphic designer in the Communications group, where for almost 15 years I've helped visualize the science at SLAC. I work remotely full-time from Oregon, where I live with my husband and daughter. I love baking, traveling, enjoying the outdoors and am an avid Star Trek fan. Personal pronouns: he/his


Current Executive Sponsor:​

Machelle Vieux, SLAC Facilities and Operations Director

Former leadership team members (starting in 2017):

Jen Arthur
Sergio Carbajo
Kelly Gaffney
Ramon Lim