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Strong Interactions: My Adventure with Subatomic Particles Through Superlative Mentors

Protons and neutrons, the building blocks of visible matter, are a complex dynamic system of quarks bound together by gluons. A major goal of modern nuclear physics is to understand how the structure of protons and neutrons and the interactions between them arise from the dynamics of quarks and gluons described by the theory of strong interaction, Quantum Chromodynamics. Just as the strong interaction is fundamentally important in building the matter we are all made of, so were the strong bonds with my mentors in building my career. In my talk, I would like to present my journey investigating the world of subatomic particles, starting from my studies in Poland, through my grad school in Germany, to my current postdoctoral research in the USA. I would like to share my experiences in overcoming challenges on the academic career path by building a mosaic of mentors and a supportive community of peers. 

Maria is a particle physicist who tries to understand why our Universe exists as it is. In her research, she studies the structure of matter we are all made of at the most fundamental level. After obtaining her MSc in Poland, where she is originally from, she moved to Germany, where she received her PhD from the University of Cologne. Currently, Maria is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Nuclear Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Throughout her career, she has been performing experiments using large particle colliders. She is a supporter of the early-career scientists community in her role of co-chair of the Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association and a science communication enthusiast. 


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