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Micro-sponsorship: Block Bias in Micro-moments

The Stanford VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab invites you to an upcoming webinar focused on Micro-sponsorship: Block Bias in Micro-moments on September 17th at 11am PT. 

Lori Mackenzie, Co-founder of the Lab, will lead a webinar on blocking bias in everyday interactions. Training around workplace bias often focuses upon formal people processes such as hiring and promotion; however, bias can emerge “in the moment” during informal conversations and decision making as well, and employees may be unequipped to respond effectively. This webinar session will equip participants with materials and strategies to practice blocking bias in everyday conversations, and develop their own tools to help deliver on their intention to build and enact a culture—one micro-moment at a time--where everyone’s voice is valued and all contributions are seen. Joining Lori for this webinar is Sandy Hoffman, Senior Director of Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at ServiceNow. Sandy will share ServiceNow’s efforts towards building a culture of inclusion and belonging by focusing in on these everyday interactions.

Some of the exercises featured in this webinar are experiential and lend themselves well to partner or group work. Please feel free to join as a pair or group, and note that all exercises can be modified for individual work if you’re joining solo.

The webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes. We will reserve time for Q&A towards the end of the session.

We encourage you to share the invitation to register for this webinar broadly within your organization. If you're unable to join the live webinar, please register to receive a link to the recording afterwards.

Please click HERE to register for this webinar.  Please register if you're unable to attend the live webinar but would like a recording.



Micro-sponsorship: Block Bias in Micro-moments

Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Time: 11:00am – 12 noon PT


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