Executive sponsor:
Mike Dunne - LCLS Director

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Mission Statement

CORE is developing strategies to improve the diversity and inclusion climate for all employees at SLAC National Laboratory. We shall work with the SLAC executive leadership team in identifying cultural and racial barriers that may exist in the SLAC work environment. Our group also collaborates with Human Resources to identify and help retain high quality staff members. A critical part of our long-term strategy is to sponsor science outreach programs for local youth from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

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Last Updated: June 12, 2019 - 17:46

Project Implicit has a series of tasks to test a participant's implicit biases. You can choose tasks and receive feedback on implicit bias regarding things like race, religion, sexuality, mental health, and more. Identifying personal biases can be the first step in helping mitigate negative effects from those biases on you or others in your workplace.

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By Mike Dunne, director of LCLS and executive sponsor of CORE