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Celebrating Juneteenth - Ways to Help

Juneteenth is an opportunity to learn, act, and give back to your community. What can we, as individuals, do to help fight social injustice and participate in the growing movement for change? There are several ways to contribute to the fight against systemic racism and police brutality: participating in and/or organizing local protests, donating money to worthy organizations and causes, contacting government officials demanding that they address systemic issues, spreading the word on social media, and more. We can all do our part in ways both large and small to make a difference.

Giving the Gift of Caring to our troops overseas

By Oscar Wiygul, SLAC Military Community ERG Lead

Attention all supporters of the Girl Scouts of America, military members abroad, and cookie fans in general!

With the Girl Scout cookie season upon us, there is another way to support Girl Scouts while also reaching out to troops overseas to remind them that they are supported and not forgotten during their time away from their friends and family serving our nation: the Care and Share program!

Implicit Bias Tests

Project Implicit has a series of tasks to test a participant's implicit biases. You can choose tasks and receive feedback on implicit bias regarding things like race, religion, sexuality, mental health, and more. Identifying personal biases can be the first step in helping mitigate negative effects from those biases on you or others in your workplace.


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