Fellowship Committee

CRO Office Contacts

JoAnne Hewett
Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Piero Pianetta
Deputy Chief Research Officer

Charlotte Chang

Maria Herraez (Admin)

Important Dates

Panofsky Fellowship Application

Deadline: November 2, 2020

LDRD Important Dates:

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The 2020-21 Panofsky Fellowship Committee membership: 

Tom Abel tabel@slac.stanford.edu
Frank Abild-Pedersen abild@slac.stanford.edu
David Chassin dchassin@slac.stanford.edu
Amy Cordones-Hahn acordon@slac.stanford.edu
Steve Eglash seglash@slac.stanford.edu
Alex Friedland alexfr@slac.stanford.edu
Paul Fuoss fuoss@slac.stanford.edu
Diana Gamzina dgamzina@slac.stanford.edu
Lisa Kaufman ljkauf@slac.stanford.edu
David MacFarlane (chair) dbmacf@slac.stanford.edu
Ago Marinelli marinelli@slac.stanford.edu
Phil Marshall pjm@slac.stanford.edu
Apurva Mehta mehta@slac.stanford.edu
Maria Elena Monzani monzani@slac.stanford.edu
Michael Peskin mpeskin@slac.stanford.edu
Anne Sakdinawat annesak@slac.stanford.edu
Ritimukta Sarangi ritis@slac.stanford.edu
Hiro Tanaka tanaka@slac.stanford.edu
Aaron Tremaine aaront@slac.stanford.edu
Kelly Gaffney (ex-officio) kgaffney@slac.stanford.edu
Philip Schuster (ex-officio) schuster@slac.stanford.edu