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Panofsky Fellowship Application

Deadline: December 15, 2022


LDRD Important Dates:

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Science SLAMs have become popular world-wide, and are events where scientists present their science to a non-expert audience in an entertaining format.

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SLAC Internal Selection Process for Limited Submissions (LS)

An internal selection process becomes necessary when a sponsor imposed a limit on the number of submissions made by an institution. This process can also be triggered when SLAC management requires internal vetting before submissions. 

This process  takes place at the pre-proposal stage. The SLAC process is facilitated by the Office of the Chief Research Officer (OCRO).  For the process after the pre-proposal stage, please consult with the finance office in your directorate.

To find the current year Limited Submissions and the internal selection deadlines, click here: Limited Submissions _2023 (Access with Stanford email.)

Use this form to submit to a Limited Submission call by the SLAC Internal Deadline:  Notice Of Intent (Access with Stanford email.)

In addition, the Directorate Finance teams and the SLAC Proposal Advancement Office (PAO) have access to the outcome of each Limited Submission by clicking here: FY2023 Limited Submissions Status (Access with Stanford email).  PIs may contact the respective finance office for additional information. 

Please contact for any questions. 


Decision Tree for Proposal Solicitations

decision tree graphic of proposal solicitations

PDF iconDecision Tree for Proposal Solicitations


Additional Funding Opportunities

SLAC Proposal Advancement Office (PAO) SLACK Channel





Other Federal


Note:  Prior approval by individaul's supervisor or ALD must be done first before anything is submitted to a sponsor.