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Panofsky Fellowship Application

Deadline: November 2, 2020

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The Office of Science of the Department of Energy has been running the Early Career Research program since 2010.  This funding opportunity is for researchers early in their careers and with research topics that supports the mission of Office of Science in the following areas*: Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR); Biological and Environmental Research (BER); Basic Energy Sciences (BES), Fusion Energy Sciences (FES); High Energy Physics (HEP), and Nuclear Physics (NP). 

This is a very prestigious award.  The process of applying for this award invites early career scientists to think strategically about their long term plans and how these plans fit into program goals of the Lab and the DOE Office of Science.

For additional information, visit:

DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Site

*Note:  For the fiscal year 2021 cycle, DOE has added two programs one may apply to:  Isotope R&D and Production (DOE IP) and Accelerator R&D and Production (ARDAP).  Details of these two program can be found in the ECA 2021 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).


  • Full-time permanent SLAC PhD staff
    • Cannot be a fixed term appointment, i.e. Postdoctoral Scholar, Research Associate or Project Scientist
    • Associate staff scientists have been granted eligibility exceptions by DOE
  • Received PhD within last 10 years from the year of the funding opportunity announcement
  • Candidates limited to a total of 3 submissions of final full proposal packages
  • At SLAC, application must receive endorsement from management chain and must identify a SLAC senior scientist to work with as a mentor.


  • Minimum award is $500,000 per year for five years
  • Limited to one award per candidate

High Level Timeline 

Timing of the Early Career Award funding opportunity call has been in the fall.  The exact date varies every year.  At a very high level, the timeline would like this:

  • Month X – Call announced in the fall
  • 1 Month before the announcement
    • SLAC Office of Chief Research Officer kicks off the annual application process with a two hour long ECA workshop.  All eligible PhDs will receive email invitation to this kick off.   The workshop provides an overview of the program and the SLAC internal processes and deadlines.  Three to four past awardees are at the workshop to share their ECA experiences with a focus on tips, strategies, challenges and lessons learned.  
  • Due in 1 month after the announcement
    • Submission for required pre-application
  • Due in 3 months from the announcement
    • Submission for final application

Past Recipients

Fiscal Year PI Last Name PI First Name SLAC Org
2010 Ding Yuantao AD
  Schwartzman Ariel FPD
2011 Guehr Markus Gone
  Wang Faya AD
2012 Xiang Dao Gone
2013 Bligaard Thomas Gone
  Hoeche Stefan Gone
  Wu Juhao AD
2014 Ghimire Shambhu ESD
2015 Sakdinawat Anne SSRL
2016 None None None
2017 Ahmed Zeeshan FPD
  Fiuza Frederico FPD
  Nanni Emilio TID
2018 Gorkhover Taisia Gone
  Kagan Michael FPD
  Terao Kazuhiro FPD
  Turner Joshua LCLS
2019 Gleason Arianna FPD
  Gamzina Diana TID
2020 Cordones-Hahn Amy ESD
  O'Shea Brendan AD


ECA 2021 OCRO Kick Off Meeting Links

View Kick Off Meeting recording and presentations by previous winners. (SLAC Only)