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The Office of the Chief Research Officer (OCRO) oversees and supports the SLAC research portfolio and SLAC researchers. It provides planning, policy development, guidance to the Lab’s researchers and oversees their career path.


Lines of Service

Research Integrity

  • Sets and promulgates research policy and PI eligibility.
  • Reviews requests for waivers for Principal Investigatorship (PI-ship) for staff scientists and engineers.
  • Manages PI training.
  • Works closely with Stanford’s Dean of Research in ensuring the health of SLAC/SU Joint Institutes & Centers.

Internal Down-Select on Funding and Awards

  • Manages the SLAC proposal internal down-select process for DOE Funding Opportunities.
  • Manages SLAC proposals to the DOE Early Career Awards program.
  • Manages the nomination process for honors and awards.

Career Path for Scientists and Engineers

  • Governs the appointment and promotion of SLAC’s scientific and engineering staff.
  • Oversees the Panofsky Fellowship program.
  • Provides training and communication to the members of the research community.

Interface with DOE and DOE Lab Complex

  • Represents SLAC at National Laboratory Chief Research Officer (NLCRO) functions.
  • Represents SLAC's interests in responding to external legislation and regulations that potentially affect the health of academic research.
  • Organizes and coordinates events across the DOE complex, e.g. National Lab Day on the Hill and the Oppenheimer Fellowship program.
  • Coordinates researcher competitions, e.g., SLAC Research SLAM! and Bay Area Research SLAM.

Lead or participate in SLAC Wide Committees