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Making Fluids and Solids from Microwave Photons


In this talk I will discuss recent results from a collaboration between the Simon & Schuster labs, where we have developed techniques for assembling quantum matter from strongly interacting microwave photons. Beginning with a description of the platform - an array of capacitively coupled transmon qubits acting as a Hubbard-regime lattice for photons — I will motivate the challenges associated with teaching photons to order into materials. From here, I will describe two experiments: (1) assembly of mott insulators by coupling to an non-markovian reservoir capable of cooling the system whilst simultaneously injecting photons; and (2) assembly of photon fluids by controlled introduction and removal of disorder + the ability to extend this technique to assembly of superpositions of superfluids — photonic cat states. I will conclude with prospects for assembly of topologically ordered matter, and a brief overview of our other collaborative efforts.

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Jon Simon

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Stanford University, Physics and Applied Physics

Speaker Information

Jon grew up fascinated with electronics, programming, simulating the world, and soccer. He went to Montgomery Blair for high school, where he was captain of the game programming club and the chess team. As an undergraduate at Caltech, he led the Beavers to a 1-63 record (seriously - we were terrible) over his 3 seasons on the NCAA DIII soccer team, all while learning physics and building electronics. As a graduate student and postdoc at MIT & Harvard, Jon focused primarily on cavity QED and synthetic quantum matter in optical lattices, while achieving the distinction of coming in dead last in the Head of the Charles Regatta Club 8's. On weekends he kitesurfed on the cape.

Jon's passions for light, simulation, and circuits have combined in the study of quantum & classical matter made of light. In his spare time he grapples, flies drones, and trains his cat Emmy to perform tricks.


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