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Cosmic shadows and cosmic structures: the CMB as a Large-Scale Structure experiment


Information about the late-time Universe is imprinted on the small scale CMB as photons travel to us from the surface of last scattering. Several processes are at play and small scale fluctuations are very rich and non-Gaussian in nature. I will review some of the most important effects and I will focus on the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) effect and gravitational lensing. I will discuss how a combination of measurements can probe velocity fields at cosmological distances, serving as one of the most sensitive probes of initial conditions, and inform us on cluster energetics.  If time allows, I will also discuss how to detect and characterize the properties of patchy reionization using the CMB as a backlight.

Speaker Name

Simone Ferraro

Speaker Institution

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Speaker Information

Simone is a cosmologist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with broad interests in both CMB and the Large-Scale Structure.  He has worked on the early Universe, secondary anisotropies of the CMB, gravitational lensing and the physics of reionization.
He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Cambridge, followed by a Masters at UChicago, and a PhD from Princeton University.  He was a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley before moving to LBNL in a Career-track position. 


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