In Situ Cells

Capillary Cell

Picture of Capillary Cell

Flow setup for mounting tube reactor (diameters 0.2-3 mm), Borosilicate glass (up to 500°C) or quartz glass (>1000°C).

Local heating of sample by resistive coils: Kanthal (700°C) or Mo2Si (1200°C).

Open geometry allows multiple applications: transmission/fluorescence XAS, XRD, TXM, etc. Pressure up to 20 bar.




High-pressure Tube Reactors  

Flow setups for mounting tube reactors (diameters 3-6 mm), beryllium or glassy carbon. 

High-pressure tube reactors

System pressure rating up to 80 bar.

Homogeneous heating of whole reactor by heat cartridges inside steel block (700°C) or inside tube furnace (1100°C).

Open geometry (except for tube furnace) allows multiple applications: transmission/fluorescence XAS, XRD.


Reference to setup with ATS tube furnace:


Hoff Cell 

Large-volume flow-through cell for powder sample, thickness 3/8” (9.5 mm), area normal to beam 4 mm vertical x 22 mm horizontal. Inserts for smaller amounts and thinner samples available. Glovebox-transfer of air-sensitive samples possible.

Applicable to transmission and fluorescence XAS. Heating by heat cartridges (700°C). Ambient pressure.


Cube Cell 


Cell optimized for tender X-rays (E = 2-4 keV) and hard X-rays. Operation dedicated to SSRL BL 4-3.

Sample pressed as self-supporting wafer at 45° to beam inside sample holder. Heating up to 800°C.

Gas manifold at BL 4-3 includes line for H2S.





Lytle Cell 



Sample holder for ex situ XAS measurements in transmission and fluorescence mode.