Co-ACCESS collecting in-situ XAS data at SSRL again!

By jh528
October 15, 2020

Exciting news! For the first time since shelter-in-place in early March we are now back at the beamline conducting in-situ/operando XAS experiments. On Oct 14th, we began experiments at beamline 9-3 under the strict COVID-19 protocols that are in place at SSRL/SLAC. Instead of users being physically present at the beamline, the Co-ACCESS staff are conducting the experiments with the collaborating research groups being present via a Zoom link. The data is downloaded to a shared site where the student can plot and begin analyzing the data.


Jiyun Hong, a postdoc funded by Co-ACCESS, controlling the in-situ XAS experiment.


Jiyun in communication with Coogan Thompson, a graduate student in Prof. Ayman Karim’s group at Virginia Tech


Coogan’s experiment in process.