News Archive: 2021


December 2021 Newsletter is out!

In our recent newsletter, we share our recent beamtime experiences with the first international group of collaborators who were able to attend their beamtime in person since the COVID-19, as well as the successful collaborative effort to perform operando X-ray Raman spectroscopy at BL15-2.


CatMass is now public!

The catMass Python package and user interface, developed by Adam Hoffman, has now been released on GitHub for all users to access it. This program allows users to calculate the proper sample packing for catalyst samples taking into account the complex naming schemes and use of diluents. 


Our collaboration is highlighted by the editors at Nature Communications

The editors at Nature Communications have put together an Editors’ Highlights webpage of recent research called “Catalysis” and our article, entitled “Directing reaction pathways via in situ control of active site geometries in PdAu single-atom alloy catalysts” from the collaboration with Prof. Charles Sykes and the late Prof.


Update on BL10-2 !

This will be the first of a series of occasional updates on progress with turning BL10-2 into a chemistry and catalysis XAS beamline. The first milestone that was reached this week that the rear hutch was emptied of its prior equipment, and we are now custodians! As you can see in the picture, the hutch is now empty (except for the few interlopers) and ready for the modifications.