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December 2022 newsletter is out now!

Please check out our December 2022 newlestter to learn more about our newly updated CatMass software by Jorge, as well as the QuantEXAFS written by Rachita. We also have two opportunities for postdocs, so please contact Simon or Adam for more information.

Have happy holiday and see you in 2023!


Our new journal cover on ACS Catalysis is out!

We are excited to have our new journal cover on ACS Catalysis, featuring the perspective titled "Bridging the Gap between the X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and the Computational Catalysis Communities in Heterogeneous Catalysis: A Perspective on the Current and Future Research Directions".


New version of CatMass is released!

Dear Co-ACCESS collaborators,

We have released an updated, non-python-based version of our X-ray sample mass calculator, CatMass! Jorge has taken the bones and functionality from Adam’s original release and created an installable program with expanded capabilities.


July 2022 Newsletter is out!

Please check out our July 2022 newsletter to learn more about the the complex experimental set-ups that we were able to provide to the user groups, as well as the launch of our "office hour" program for the users. 


Check out our cover on JPCC!

We are excited to have the cover of Journal of Physical Chemistry C, featuring the collaborative work to investigate the spectral feat


December 2021 Newsletter is out!

In our recent newsletter, we share our recent beamtime experiences with the first international group of collaborators who were able to attend their beamtime in person since the COVID-19, as well as the successful collaborative effort to perform operando X-ray Raman spectroscopy at BL15-2.


CatMass is now public!

The catMass Python package and user interface, developed by Adam Hoffman, has now been released on GitHub for all users to access it. This program allows users to calculate the proper sample packing for catalyst samples taking into account the complex naming schemes and use of diluents. 


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